Saturday, April 28, 2012

Grandpa's 1976 Reds pocket schedule

My grandpa's military documents, awards, and accolades were recently passed down to me. Being a veteran myself, my mom passed the documents on to me. I have spent the last few weeks tracing my grandpa's footsteps from his enlistment and his service in Korea. I am still waiting on documents requested from the VA and other such things. Along with his military records, I have his wallet and other personal effects. Inside his wallet was a 1976 Cincinnati Reds pocket schedule. I knew my grandpa was a Reds fan and often attended the games with grandma and the girls. My family, both sides, were born and raised in downtown Cincinnati; mill workers, laborers, and military men, my grandpa Jim was a shoe maker in Cincinnati after his military service. He worked as a shoe maker until he died early in 1976. Grandpa Jim was lucky to have watched the Reds take the Red Sox in the 1975 World Series, which is said to be the second greatest World Series in the history of the game. In 1976 the Reds swept the Yankees in the World Series, but he died as the season began.

I ran across this picture of Crosley Field. It's a night exhibition game, batting is Ted Williams. I found this picture online about the time I was throwing this article together. Ironically so, the lighting reminds me of the article, and how baseball, life, and death all intertwine in some weird way. The picture seems so placid and calm. I dunno, but a awesome picture and it is forever associated with my grandpa Jim from here on out.


  1. Actually, the photo, placid as it is, shows Comiskey Park in Chicago. Boston against the Sox. Ted Williams about to bat.