Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Great times at Great American Ballpark

It is nearly midnight as I write this article and upload tonight's videos and pictures. Knockin' down a few beers on the couch reliving the events only to remind me of how amazing baseball is; proving anything can happen. Tonight we showed up for the Reds vs. Futures game at GABP.

Abbie watched as the Reds took the field and the victorious Futures team goes to bat.

 During batting practice, Scott Rolen mashed two shots into the Reds upper-upper deck, we were able to retrieve the ball which was beat on the sweet spot. My friend also snagged a Brandon Phillips batting practice homer with his hat moments later, which he gave to a young boy nearby.

We watched Billy Hamilton cause chaos on any pitcher who took the mound with his impressive speed and threat when on base. We watched Aroldis Chapman strikeout two guys back to back, setting up closer Sean Marshall. I didn't expect much from this game, but turns out to be an amazing evening in Cincinnati. I hope Opening Day will be even better. Check back later for Opening Day footage and other news from our trip to Cincinnati's Opening Day.

More pictures snapped at the game...

Check back tomorrow night for video clips of Billy Hamilton getting in the heads of pitchers Mike Leake and Homer Bailey. See Mesoraco throw Hamilton out at second, and finally Hamilton stealing a bag lightning fast. Watch Aroldis Chapman wave batters back to back setting up closer Marshall.

Updated 9:44pm Opening Day Eve in Cincinnati Ohio. Here are the video clips I had promised last night...

Here is a little clip that shows Billy Hamilton doing work on the pitchers nerves and finally stealing a bag:

Hamilton gets caught stealing...

Chapman waves the kids


  1. Great stuff, hope to do that with my kids one day !

  2. Uh, yeah, consider me jealous.

    Thanks for sharing.