Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Sports: A morning in Cincinnati, a city ignites

The sun is a couple hours from seeping onto the City. People are up and starting to stir. Clocking in such Cincinnati establishments like General Electric, Proctor and Gamble, Kroger, Macy's, Fifth Third Bank corp, American Financial, and AK Steel. The city is starting to buzz as workers exchange good mornings at the time clock. They should be talking about last nights Kentucky victory. The should be talking NCAA, they should be talkin' hoops...but nothing blue is coming from their mouths. The news of All-Star, and Gold Glove first baseman Joey Votto has stole the spotlight from our commonwealth brethren on the other side of the river. Sorry Kentucky, we need to get to work a little early today so that the boss won't mind when we slip out a few minutes before five to get to Great American Ball Park. The Reds vs. Futures Showcase is tonight and much excitement of Opening Day overcasts the event, but a spark flickers on Pete Rose Way. A spark that could ignite the city. Cincinnati fans are getting snide remarks by Yankees and St. Louis fans...how could? A small market team? 10 years? That is what pride does to a man in Cincinnati. See you all in October. It is the rebirth, the revival, the Big Red Machine is churning, this is the BIG RED RUN!

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