Monday, April 2, 2012

Votto: 10 years of Red

Joey Votto, 10 years, 225 million, Cincinnati Reds: I can write on this until Opening Day, but I will spare the keyboard. This validates Cincinnati's commitment to October, it is a display of character, trust, and loyalty to one's organization. Pujols couldn't grasp the idea, Prince only saw dollar signs. Yea, this is probably the largest contract in franchise history, but it is one that speaks louder than checking accounts and bean counters. Joey, like many Reds HOFers before him, who spent careers under one number, one uniform, one club; has chosen his path. Joey Votto has just reserved a corner in Cooperstown and one in Cincinnati's HOF museum. I will see you down at GABP tomorrow guys, again in the Findlay Market, and Thursday afternoon. I better start saving for a late October ticket, the Queen City will be busy... Sleep tight Porkopolous.

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