Monday, May 14, 2012

Walking out during the top of the 1st

My daughter and I attended another Dayton Dragons game this evening, or yet we tried to. The Reds single-A affiliate was an embarrassment to the club, the city, and themselves. I tried not to be harsh or too picky about this group of guys, after all it is low A ball; during warm ups the Dragons were goofing off on the 3rd baseline doing goofy pretend batting stances while on the other end of the field the disciplined Lansing Lugnuts were stretching on their own, conducting light jogs, and utilizing stretching bands. Eight minutes before first pitch the Dragons engaged in some sort of stretches in a circle that looked more like a bunch of hippies playing hacky sack. I thought to myself, and actually wrote in my book annotating the lack of discipline and coaching these boys have. I know these kids are having a rough year sitting in last place with a 14-23 record but enough is enough. Starting pitcher Radhames Quezada walked the first batter, gave up a home run, then walked the next three, all without throwing a single strike, with the exception of the home run ball, we don't know what that would have been. I stood up and walked to the gates. At this point fans were still pouring in and they hadn't even cracked open the exit gates. Credit to the Lugnuts as they could be playing at a AAA level, the Dragons embarrassed me to the point I had to leave. I doubt I will see another Dragons game anytime soon, I know that for a fact, mostly because the other tickets I have are for the end of August. I hope they can turn things around. If you didn't know, Tom Browing is the pitching coach for the Dragons.


  1. Seems like we are in the same conference. Our local single A team is the South Bend Silverhawks. I used to go to a lot of the games, not so much anymore. Just don't have the time. I love going and watching baseball but it's hard to get into a team because as soon as someone starts doing well, they move up and they are gone. Just the bad part about having a single A team instead of higher A ball.

    1. Yep, we sure are Jeff! The Dragons host the Silver Hawks next Wednesday and Thursday. Is this gonna be a game we can win?