Saturday, May 19, 2012

What the hell have I been up to?

About 15 minutes ago I realized I hadn't posted anything in a couple weeks. Scrambling for some cards I have been buying came up empty, there isn't anything good to buy and since I don't really build sets I don't have much work to do with the cards I do have. I thought I could post some articles I have written, seeing as how my latest articles are not that great I decided that was a no-go. I mean, the Reds haven't done much to write about and I refuse to enter the typical Cincy fan mindset of fire Dusty Baker and trade half the team mentality, so I decide to be passive at this point. After all things considered I decided to write about what I actually have been up to, mostly no good, but some of it is pretty cool.

I have mentioned before the company softball team I manage and play shortstop for; well our first two games were cancelled due to rain and field conditions. Last Tuesday we finally got a night game in under the beautiful lights of Delco Park in Kettering, Ohio. The 8:40pm first pitch slotted us for a match up against a team we only know by the name on the schedule. The Pourhaus was the team, seemingly a bunch of guys sponsored by a pub? Who knows, I wasn't worried. My team has two ringers on it, one a cash tournament player named John and a professional softball player in the 55 and over league from Wisconsin name Jimbo. John is fair game because he actually works for the same company I do, Jimbo however is the husband of an employee from the same company. In ASA softball you play 10 players, because the outfields are pretty spacious, you can bat an 11th player known as the Extra Player (EP) just like a DH, but you can play him defensively if you decide. Well, Jimbo is our DH and he hits a 400+ foot home run at every at bat, he understandably bats cleanup. We were warming up while the Pourhaus team arrived, John came over to me and said "These guys are a f___king Class B team...". A Class B team is damn near professional baseball. I don't know what they were doing in a Class E Rec league and I didn't want to know. John went on to say that these guys beat a team last night 32-15, in which the losing team had 6 of John's teammates from the cash league. Our soft office workers weren't going to stand a chance, and we didn't. We held them to a one run lead after the 1st inning 3-2 which was impressive. After that the can of proverbial whoop-ass opened up and they run-ruled us in the 5th 22-4 putting the coffin nails in early. Good news is we held our ground, second we almost cleared the benches in a fight but the 90 year old plate ump settled us down. The Pourhaus accused us of not keeping score right, as if it mattered, and our 3rd baseman's wife kept score, she and the rest of us didn't take it lightly.

The softball game was Tuesday and I had to cancel practice on Thursday due to our practice field conditions (the field I am renovating). So what have I been doing the last few days? Partying in the backyard with my daughter! When you live in the city you don't have much freedom of real state to expand and have a good time, but we made do with our little enclosed backyard. I was born and raised on a farm in Millville, Ohio so I know all about real camping and what have you, but this was a good time none the less. We camped, had a fire, went swimming, and yes after a few beers I painted a Reds logo on my garage door. The wife hasn't seen it yet, she will probably get mad and I will get an ass chewing. But let me tell you all something, I have had a lot of ass chewings in my day, from being a troublesome teen, to my service in the Army, and I will tell you now I have had some serious ass chewings. The one my wife is going to give me will suck pretty bad, but I assure you it will not be close to the worst, so I am happy with my work, besides, she is always saying I should express my creativity it other ways....

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