Saturday, June 2, 2012

Vintage memorabilia from the Big Red Machine

A good friends father passed away a couple years back. He recently showed me a small sample of his dad's Pete Rose and the Big Red Machine obsession. Here are pictures of a few newspapers he held on to. He dropped them off at the house a few months back and I'm just now getting around to looking them over. He suggests that he has an attic packed full of this stuff.

The below magazines have some pretty cool stuff inside. I plan on carefully scanning and posting them another time.


  1. The Bench Cooperstown newspaper is very sweet. You should get those framed and display...with the exception of the Rose banishment paper.

    1. It sure is, and I have every intention of framing that one. My friend said I can keep that one in turn for helping him rummage through what is garbage and what's collectable, but I feel bad keeping any of his dad's old stuff.