Saturday, July 28, 2012

Small ball; Reds continue streak

Rockies pitcher Drew Pomeranz (1-6) and Reds hurler Bronson Arroyo (6-6) battled each others lineups with the entirety of their hearts; shutting down all run production in the first three innings. The game started with each pitcher retiring the side three up three down. The Reds offense broke stride in the top of the 4th when Brandon Phillips smashed a line drive single, he advanced to second on a Jay Bruce flyout. Pomeranz left a 80mph curveball right over the plate, and Ryan Ludwick made contact. Ludwick's RBI double drew first blood scoring Phillips. Ludwick himself came across home plate on a sac fly laid out by possible rookie of the year Todd Frazier. Ludwick scored again in the 6th off a Adam Ottavino wild pitch. The Reds put together an impressive win last night at Coors Field, and they did it without walk-off home runs, 9th inning rallies, or reunions with old closers. With quality veteran pitching and small ball offense the Reds were able to continue their winning streak to 8 games. In response to Wednesday's win over the Houston Astros, I made the assumption that I am glad we don't have Fransisco Cordero on our roster more so than I can say I'm glad Drew Stubbs is on ours. After watching last nights game, I think it is a fair assumption in saying I'm much more glad to be a Reds fan than a Rockies fan; the Rockies record is now 37-61, and don't plan on it getting much better this weekend.

Other goodies, Chapman earns his 20th save this season and the Reds are tied with the Nationals for the best record in the NL.

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