Thursday, July 26, 2012

Stubbs OK, Coco no way!

Unsolicited observations from a slightly less impressive home office/man cave that is usually interrupted by 2-year olds and a nagging wife watching the Reds game streaming illegally from a UK website; I couldn’t be more impressed with Homer Bailey’s discipline and endurance in the face of endless adversity. Altuve was putting more pressure on Bailey that I have seen since Billy Hamilton was on base during April’s Reds vs. Futures showcase. I feel bad for Bailey’s win being washed away however that is part of the game and a pitcher’s record is often an inaccurate representation of their hurling prowess. Bailey, now with a fair 3.74 ERA has proven that he is a green light October contender and I think we are all lucky we have him in the rotation. As far as back-to-back Stubbs rallies, well, that’s as rare as the clubs back-to-back sweep record. I can’t complain but I’m not ready to hitch a ride on the Stubbs bandwagon; I’ve taken that ride before and it always ends in a ten car pile-up on I-75 southbound. I will admit I am glad he’s been around for the 9 of 11 times we are to play them. On a Houston matchup, Stubbs has a dash line that could look more like Phillips’ or Frazier’s of .293/.310/.512. In summary, I think I am confident in saying that I’m glad we don’t have Coco on our roster more so than I can say I’m glad Stubbs is on ours, is that a fair assumption?

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