Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Inside Info on PED break! MUST READ

<![if !supportLists]>·                     <![endif]>Latest update per baseball insider website "the warning track": In demonstration of its commitment to ridding the game of illegal steroids and human growth hormones, MLB and the commissioner has proposed banning the consumption of McDonald's brand chicken, more commonly known as the McNugget. Mr. Selig reports that the McNugget is packed with growth hormones used in bulk chicken production, when asked, the Commissioner told reporters that "They {McNuggets} are packed with some farm-grade growth hormone synthetically conditioned for cows, poultry, and other agricultural animals, the guys {baseball players} are always on the roads traveling, consuming a lot of fast food and some of these big fellas, like Big Papi and that fat (explicit) from Detroit, what’s his name? Cecil's boy? well anyhow, those players can eat 50 or more nuggets in one sitting, and its going to make 'em test hot". In resolve to latest events and PED usage, Selig is suggesting all MLB players adhere to a strict diet of natural and free range meats .#

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