Thursday, March 8, 2012

Opening Day Auto, Completed Set, and Serial Number Scotty

If you've already read the "2012 Topps Opening Day: Kinda Cool" post, you already know what Reds cards I'm packing. To put a coffin nail in my 2012 Opening Day ventures I said goodbye with two blasters. One of which I opened and the other remains untouched and is for a friend at work who gave me a Gold Rush Jay Bruce. I love OD blasters because they are cheap and I got the blue border luck. Plus, I needed a few cards to complete the set...which I just finished about five minutes ago.

First off, check this out! No I didn't pull this auto. I had to pay a kid on ebay a few bucks for it. I worked out though because I have been selling other Topps Opening Day cards on Ebay for pennies at a time. If I rationalize it that way, I pretty much traded a two dozen OD base cards for this.

I pulled this sn/2012 blue border today, from Meijer actually. Scott Rolen, if health fairs his way, will be a huge asset to Cincinnati success this season. Scott Rolen is a shoe-in HOFer and probably one of the greatest 3rd baseman of my time.


  1. Wait, what? OD has autos? I've been paying so little attention to OD that I had no idea.

    Now I must leave this blog before I find myself paying too much attention to the mostly naked woman sporting barely any Reds gear which is DIRECTLY to the right of this comment box.

  2. Yup, that chick is mostly naked...and it is awesome. As for OD autos, yes there are a few, and they are not that is the list:

    ODA-AC Andrew Cashner
    ODA-AE Alcides Escobar
    ODA-BA Brett Anderson
    ODA-CC Chris Coghlan
    ODA-CH Chris Heisey
    ODA-DB Daniel Bard
    ODA-DM Daniel McCutchen
    ODA-JJ Jon Jay
    ODA-JN Jon Niese
    ODA-MM Mitch Moreland
    ODA-NW Neil Walker
    ODA-NF Neftali Feliz